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What is technology’s impact on digital parenting?

child working in computer - digital parenting

There has been advanced use of technology by children from their early ages. Digital technology at an early age by parents has become a norm. Guardians who are babysitting use screens. Consequently, they have bought electronic toys, computer-programmed and video games for the kids. Every family has digital appliances like televisions, internet access, tablets, and cellphones. As a result, there is increased use and ownership of mobile phones by teenagers aged 12- 17 years. Digital parenting is evolving with the rise of technology.

Research has shown that between 2022 and 2021, there has been an increased reliance on technology by kids due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been used for remote tutoring, with both positive and negative impacts. 

Statistics show that youngsters engage in various activities:

  • Acquiring software audios and videos
  • Internet banking and billing systems
  • Online communication
  • Playing video games
  • Going through online media

Parents should be worried about the amount of time spent on technology with the gadgets by their children. 

Since they end up sleeping late, becoming obese and performing poorly in school, guardians should be concerned to mind the psychological health of their kids.

Some companies have developed programs to educate children online, like Youtube and Instagram. Others have no regulations; therefore, all the information is available for the kids. Parents also use artificial intelligence and machine learning to collect information about their children.

In the recent world, digital games have helped kids develop many skills. They have applications on smartphones that assist in their development. Activities like dancing and language development are coordinated inform of video games.

Technology is part of our daily living and should be used for educating and not as a replacement for social interactions. Digital parenting should focus more on evolving kids knowledge. Parents and regulators should always be on their toes to check their kids’ interactions with technologies. It will be of great impact to reduce the pathetic effects of tech on children’s development.

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