What are types of cyber crimes and its preventions

programming screen - preventions from cyber crimes

Computer crimes, also known as cyber crimes, have increased due to technology. With the use of the internet, people have become scammers and saboteurs. They can easily use phones or computers to manipulate the users. The most common types of cyber crimes in the world today include :

Pornography and solicitation Criminals use photos and videos of children under 18 years engaged in sexual activities. They can get the images from the social media platforms or engage the kids in exchange for money.

Phishing– criminals attempt to access your money and personal data by pretending to be from legit organizations. They send illegal emails which link individuals to fraudulent websites.

Harassment- Cyberbullies access personal information from people’s social media accounts and intimidate them online by false accusations, threats, or other humiliating actions.

Ransomware – Internet criminals will use software to hold personal information until you respond to their request. This type of cybercrime switches the victim’s devices up until they pay the ramson to have their files released.

Account hacking – Criminals get access to individuals’ passwords. Either the email or bank account passwords.

Credit/debit card fraud  – Spyware is unknowingly installed on the victim’s computer devices. It collects all the personal information and sends it to cybercriminals.

Technology assists lawmakers and justice always to stay alert so that they can prevent crimes. Using security and surveillance like cameras and biometrics reduces crimes—the use of face recognition technology in most crowded places.

Police and law enforcement agencies use social media platforms to spread videos and data about criminals. The communication between the agencies and the public leads to faster investigations. The mapping technology tracks and analyses how and where the crime occurred. This makes it easy to bring in the criminals within a short time.

Technology has boosted ways of fighting crimes in the world. Most of these methods provide accurate information about the criminals, thus fastening the investigation process.

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