5 ways face recognition technology will change the way we live

girl doing makeup on virtual mirror - face recognition

Facial recognition mostly involves biometric security that verifies someone’s identity using their face. It’s mostly used in recognizing people on videos and pictures in today’s era. The biometric software also involves voice recognition, fingerprints, and eye retina recognition. This type of technology assists in enforcing law and security on people. Some examples of face recognition technology include Apple, British Army, Amazon, Coca-cola, and many others.

Facial technology operates by first detecting the face by the use of cameras. Secondly, the software captures the image of the face which is examined. Thirdly, the image is transformed into faceprint data. Lastly, the faceprint is contrasted with other faces on the database.

The face recognition technology has been incorporated into the world to be used for various purposes like:

Unlock mobile phones: People can unlock their mobile devices with a glance. This helps to protect personal information and prevents theft of the device.

Security system control for airports and borders, retail shops, and banks – Facial recognition is used as a security and reduces the time used for queuing. They help to prevent fraud in banks and retail stores.

Recognition of missing people: This is mostly used by law enforcement departments to identify the missing person who has been added to the database. Criminals can also be identified. Therefore, the software protects businesses from theft.

Use for marketing and advertising: Promoters use face technology to improve clientele experience. In that, the marketers can recognize the reactions and emotions of the customers. Therefore, building insights for the marketers and advertisers.

Used in hospitals to provide healthcare: The health practitioners use the technology to access the record of the patients on their database. They can also detect the pain and other genetic illnesses in the patient. Thus, fastening the processes at the hospitals.

Face recognition technology can breach information to the third party. That makes most people paranoid about using the technology. 

Biometric technology will increasingly improve and thus reduce crime rates. Advancements in image data and collection will be improved, creating room for more global technological ideas and insights.

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