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Online Payments To The Governments

In most countries, all government billing is done online. This has been incorporated to reduce corruption in the ministries. One only requires their name, national id number, driving license number, or passport number to log into the portals. They can go to the websites, pay for any bill, and receive an online receipt via email.

Utility billing includes water, electricity, and gas billings for some countries. Additionally, there is a sewage fee, internet, and many others. Some of these chargers are billed every month, while others are annual. Online apps have been developed. One can register an account and sign in at whatever time they want to pay. They can also view their payment details and their usage history, especially for water.

The online parking permits are applied for online. One has to log in to the eservice’s portal, input their vehicle number plate, and select the parking zone of choice. It can vary in terms of hours rate, daily rate, and monthly rate.

 In some countries, people use Central pay machines that accept coins, credit, and debit cards for payments. The Central pay machine has the option of printing the physical receipt, which has the expiration date.

The QR- coded validation tickets are also used to pay for guest parking fees. Countries like the US, France, Australia, Malaysia, and many others use the QR- code. People can access smartphones and the internet; therefore, QR codes are quickly adopted. 

With increased tech development, we are moving towards a cashless society since payment of all items has been digitalized. The online payment method appears to be convenient and easy. It is also secure since no third party can access your personal information. Moreover, countries also have increased revenue since most payments are made online.

Failure to pay parking fees may lead to prosecution. One can be charged with a hefty fine as well as court costs.


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