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10 tips to protect your social media data privacy

social media apps on mobile phone - tips for social media data privacy

Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram have become public. People connect globally and pass information through the media sectors. Nevertheless, some predators and actors are waiting to manipulate the posted private information. It’s always advisable to keep the information private to prevent people from viewing the content. One need to be aware of various data privacy techniques.

For people to experience social media rewarding’s, they have to follow some tips to protect their private data. Below are some of the tips to ensure your data privacy:

1. People should always read all the terms and conditions on every social media platform. Always be keen on the information you want to share before clicking ACCEPT on your device.

2. Full names and addresses should not be shared. Cybercriminals can create an email by use of your names. They can then use the email to send phishing emails to people.

3. Social media users should be careful while posting photos and videos.

4. Be precise on what data to share while creating a profile.

5. Use a strong password and always log out after using a device.

6. There are some risks associated with failing to protect private information.

7. Phishing is when cyber criminals send emails, messages, or even phone calls so that they can acquire private information.

8. Data mining is where people collect your data and sell it to organizations for marketing purposes.

9. Malware distribution is an app that is instore and transfers personal information.

10. Sextortion involves where criminals threaten to expose your picture and videos and demand money.

Social media is a means of communication, but sometimes scammers are involved. They risk the private information of people by even hacking their accounts. Technology has developed some monitors that keep the accounts safe. Users can also encrypt or use digital tools on their devices to protect their data from spies. It will assist in analyzing and optimizing information.

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