Why is it important to have a wireless network?

wifi signal symbol - importance of wireless network

Broadband connectivity has become a worldwide development for all communities. Connectivity is found in both homes and offices as a basic necessity. Wireless network helps make services easier to act like health services, education, engineering, and many others. Most government institutions also enhance transparency, accountability, and social growth. Therefore, improving the e-health, e-commerce, e-education, e-business, e-government, and agriculture.

Wireless network technology has facilitated the incorporation of brilliant transport systems and the smart electric grid in the infrastructure sector. Furthermore, it has also led to increased job opportunities in the Information and communication technology, engineering, and other sectors. It has also become a source of revenue for most people who depend on online task-based jobs.

WIFI lifts the life of many citizens from poverty, as they can easily do e-banking and take loans. Most microfinance companies use the internet to get leads and insights from people living in remote areas people in remote areas. The people use the microloans to invest.

Communication between people has increased. Individuals from different continents can easily interact with their loved ones and acquire new friends. Precisely by using applications like WhatsAppWeChat, and all other social media platforms.

Internet acts as a source of media to pass information to people and make them participate. Individuals from developed continents become part of international conversations through online platforms. Protests have also embraced social media campaigns where most people participate. An example is the Twitter #tags used in many countries.

Broadband connectivity is quite expensive to install in some countries. Mostly the Middle East and North African countries cannot access high connectivity. The challenges faced are administrative, rules and regulations imposed, and resistance to employing trained telecommunication operators.

The development and advancement of internet technology have positively impacted people’s lives. Human beings can effectively and efficiently access goods and services from their comfort.

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