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Health Tech Innovations Changing the health Sectors

Healthcare technology, or Health Tech, has advanced since the global pandemic. This has helped in dealing with heavy patient loads in most hospitals. Now we know the only solution is the continuous advancement of technology in the health sector. We all want convenience, flexibility, and a fast-digital solution that allows us to care for our health.

Some of the new health innovations across the world include;

Remote patient monitoring (RPM)

Most hospitals use the RPM to monitor a patient who is not physically present. The remote patient monitoring tool has intelligent devices that track the patient’s overall signs and health parameters like blood sugar and cholesterol levels. It helps ensure collaboration between the doctor and the patient and easy accessibility of the real-time data that is tracked daily.

E-Health platforms

E-health describes using information and communication technologies and applying them to the healthcare sector in areas like telemedicine, mobile health, or electronic patient records (EHRs). The platform addresses the whole of the modern healthcare sector in administrative activities such as billing, purchasing equipment, etc. It makes it possible to store and access a patient’s medical history.
Al and ML in Health facilities
Artificial intelligence and machine learning have made the development of software solutions easy due to their capabilities that come with cutting-edge technologies.

Some successful Al applications in healthcare include diagnostics, symptom checking, development of new medications, accuracy, and few human errors.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology provides security and protection against modification, prevention of potential fraud attempts, and sensitive data leakage.

Internet of medical things (IOMT)

IOMT is an e-network of interconnected digital devices that communicate with each other by constantly exchanging data using particular protocols and WIFI signals. In healthcare facilities, the application is used in monitoring patients, and remote control of implantable devices, e.g., heart rate and blood sugar, can be tracked and sent to the medical practitioner for insights.

Other technologies like Artificial reality and Virtual reality are also trending and being used to help doctors to communicate with their patients. Results have shown that more custom software development companies are coming up to develop and upgrade healthcare technologies to positively impact our world.

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