What is WiFi technology? How does it work? And its future

connecting wifi devices - wifi technology

WI-FI stands for wireless fidelity, which was invented in 1991 in the Netherlands. The wifi technology is used for connection and passing information from one device to the other. Computed gadgets like smartphones, laptops, television, digital cameras, and many others are connected to WI-FI. One can remain connected within the area of network coverage.

Radio waves transmit data from the wireless router to the WI-FI-connected devices. Personal information can be hacked since the devices and WI-FI communicate through airwaves. Specifically, when connected to the public internet like in airports. Generally, WI-FI networks should have a password to protect your information from getting to a third party. WI-FI varies in terms of operating frequencies to bring out different bandwidths, therefore, connecting to different channels.

WIFI technology has various elements;

The wireless access point allows gadgets to connect to the network and bring them online. The enhances the bandwidth to stretch and reach out to different wireless devices from a distance. It also provides information about the device and security. 

WI-FI cards/Adapters ensure that wireless signals and information are presented.

WI-FI can be connected from different places. The mobile hotspot can be tethered from an individual’s smartphone to either laptop. Desktop WIFI router this happens by use of antennas. Portable WI-FI hotspot cans are like mobile hotspots and have high-speed broadcasting signals.

WIFI technology can be moved from one place to another since its portable. This helps reduce wiring costs while it is used as a means of communication. It appears easy and fast because of configuring other than cables.

Below are the different types of WI-FI connections;

  • 5G home internet
  • Jetpack
  • Wireline
  • 4GLTE home internet

WIFI technology is simple and efficient at home or in the office. People use network connectivity in their day-to-day activities. Individuals should be very careful since the radiation from the WI-FI is significantly harmful to the human body.

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