What is a digitalized electronic library?

girl standing in library - benefits of electronic library

Modern Information Communication Technology has led to many changes in the new era of libraries. Libraries are resourceful for learners, teachers, tutors, researchers, and many others. Electronic library assist in conserving information and knowledge to be used in the future.

The incorporation of ICT has made the libraries digitalised and virtual. It has become effortless and fast to access the library online; thus, the users are satisfied. The users can get the information anytime and in an appropriate format. Thus, increasing the users with developmental skills and knowledge.

Tools and procedures are brought together to make storing, generation, retrieving, searching, and updating of information very efficient and effective. The electronic library uses the following tools communication networks, databases, computer programs, artificial intelligence, and many others for ICT. This has led to the increased advancement of library information.

Currently, the librarians have to be experts in Library Information science. They have to learn about all the software used in the libraries. They must also familiarise themselves with the new ICT implementations that help organise library services for the users to fill satisfied and have a positive experience.

The application of ICT in the library is due to the increased widening of information volumes and usage stored in a classical method. Published documents are becoming cumbersome for the libraries, so ICT has allowed sharing them online. Even the storage of the information is made more accessible.

Staffs have advanced services which are better and can serve a large number of the users. Less time is used due to the use of barcodes. Online literature search methods make it simple to retrieve the correct information. All the library information is disseminated using computer devices.

ICT has changed the library concept from management to functional methods. Librarians have become skilled library managers. Additionally, it has led to improved quality services in libraries globally.

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