Technology in agriculture – How it can help farmers grow their businesses?

drone working in fields - technology in agriculture

Farmers have incorporated digital technology in agriculture to manage their farms and crops. New farm ERP has been installed to make the farm accounting, management, inventory, and sales effectiveness. Due to technology, new equipment and machines have also been improvised. Thus, making the agribusiness thrive. Below are some of the best technologies farmers have improvised in their day-to-day activities.

Farming software and online management 

The software uses satellites to monitor the activities of the farm. They can also use mobile apps, websites, and computer programs to help the farmer make various decisions. It helps to save on time and money and brings about productivity. The software includes;

  • Broadacre crop software ensures that the crop records are updated and helps with audit and compliance report processes.
  • Weather analytics 

Combined data helps farmers to get ideas about their fields. It compares the performance of different regions. The temperatures in different seasons, whether winter, autumn, or spring, can be recorded.

Use drones to capture the aerial picture of the crops in the field. They assist in defining the plant’s height, biomass, weeds, and water evaporation rates. Drones provide accurate information and are faster as compared to satellites. When there is an insect invasion, drones spray the insecticides.

A geographic information system creates visual data representations and performance analysis. Farmers can even predictions for the near future about temperatures, plant yields, and disease levels. Therefore, they can also know the amount of fertilizer and insecticides used.

The modern machines that have been used for farming are tractors which are attached to the required equipment. They are used from plowing time to production period. The tractor attachments are harrows, seed spreaders, balers, fertilizer spreaders, and many others.

Almost all farming manual activities have been automated, like milking machines, weeding, and small-scale potato and carrot harvester.

All the new technologies help the farmer identify the risks and control them. They make work easy and faster; therefore, farmers should be aware of all the digital machines. In the upcoming future technology in agriculture can bring a hug revolution in farming industry.

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