How to stop baby crying at night

cute baby crying

A baby crying often make parents feel helpless and frustrated. New parents are looking for all ideas to make parenting easy for them. Thus, helping them to fight post-natal depression. Technology has come up with ideas to soothe babies to sleep either during the day or at night.

The Babocush is a high-tech cushion. It developed to act like a human being with artificial human arms and chest to soothe the baby. It vibrates, relives wind reflux, and produces heartbeat sounds. The baby should be left in their tummy when using the device. This helps to prevent flat-head syndrome and other problems.

Use of white noise for kids. These are natural environmental noises like beach sounds and rainforest sounds. They assist by encouraging the baby to sleep. Others are specialized machines created to mimic the mothers, and others have lullabies. These noises block out other interrupting sounds, thus making the baby sleep.

The cry translator is helpful for the new mums. It helps in interpreting the baby`s cry. Then give recommendations and solutions immediately whether the baby is annoyed, hungry, sick, or bored. Therefore, the guardians have to pay more attention to the babies.

Another technology is the bouncing chair that swings up and down and from side to side. The motion soothes the baby to stop crying. It also offers the baby recline where the baby can relax, sit or play comfortably.

Technology has made parenting easy but, at the same time, very disadvantageous. Parents are distanced from their children and cannot nurture them. Mothers have shifted from breastfeeding to using cribs, formula bottles, and many other methods. The use of modernized ways makes the babies addicts. They cannot sleep independently and are clingy. Therefore, they have to be soothed to sleep or stop crying.

The introduction of pumping processes for mothers has made it possible for them to raise babies. They can pump the milk fed to the kids during the day while at work.

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