How to Market to Gen Z the Right Way in 2023?

They say the secret to successful marketing lies in knowing your audience. It is a well-known fact that sales largely depend on demand.
Subsequently, marketing strategies will always be inclined toward what the consumer wants. Without this knowledge, it’s practically impossible to have a successful business, no matter how great your marketing strategies may be.

No one can refute that these days, the era of Gen Z has taken over. So, it’s no surprise everyone wants to market to Gen Z. However, one thing to note is that traditional marketing strategies will not necessarily work on Gen Z.

The core characteristics and attributes of Gen Z:

Digital Natives

Millennials may have been considered digital pioneers, but Gen Z is a Digital Native. Born into the era when technology peaked, every Gen Z’s life has been shrouded in one way or another by digital advancement.


Existing in the era of social media, most Gen Z values their right to privacy. The internet is a double-edged sword; although it comes with perks, it has its fair share of cons. This has made Gen Z aware of the need for privacy.


Gen Z primarily relies on their extensive social work and tech savviness to make informed pur¬chas¬ing deci¬sions. They explore and evaluate various options before settling on a final decision.

Social Media Platforms that Gen Z Marketers Should Use the Most


Contrary to Facebook, Instagram has not lost popularity amongst Gen Z. Statistics show that it is the most used app daily. If a brand can gain traction on Instagram for any product, it is guaranteed that the product or service will have exposure and do well in sales if advertised correctly on Instagram.


Twitter is popular amongst Gen Z because of how direct it is. No complicated posts or algorithms; expressing a thought or an opinion is only one tweet away. The youth directly engaging with customers using this social media platform is a smart move to reach out to Gen Z.


This app has a strong influence, especially on the Gen Z population. Anything that goes viral on Tiktok, whether a recipe or dance trend, is immediately incorporated into an account’s ‘For You’ page. So, as a marketer, if you know your way around TikTok and can efficiently market your product or service using it, your sales are bound to skyrocket.


YouTube is another social media platform that Generation Z frequents. Smart marketers know which content creator to contact and what influencers will be fit to advertise their products. Successful brands connect with the right YouTubers, which boosts advertisement in the best way possible, ensuring both exposure and profitability.


Gen Z uses Snapchat daily; because Snapchat is a more fun version of direct messaging. If you can smoothly incorporate ads into this platform, you will surely impact Gen Z.

Understand your audience and the digital platforms to get potential clients.

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