What is whatsapp and its features

whatsapp in mobile - what is whatsapp

WhatsApp is a mode of communication that uses internet connectivity. A person can use either text, make voice messages, or send photos and videos. The messaging app is available on iPhoneAndroid, Macs, and Windows PCs. Therefore, using extensible messaging and presence protocol makes texting and calling faster, simpler, and more secure.

This kind of technology is effective and efficient for group communication. The continuous conversation is more advantageous. Any person from the group can send documents, and the members can refer to them at their convenient time. Each group has a maximum limit of 256 users. Family members, friends, and colleagues make the conversation flawless and convenient.

The use of WhatsApp business enhances growth for different kinds of organizations. Clients can immediately know the person they are conversing with. Hence, increasing the conversational commerce trends. Sales and marketing, and customer service are made easy. Customer satisfaction is enhanced since customers’ questions can easily be answered. Consumers can also be retained. The business profile must be on point for clients to understand the goods and services offered. It creates easy customer engagement.

Families and friends can make international calls with WI-FI connectivity, free, with no charges and restrictions. One can also use cellular-data connectivity. Gifs and emojis can be created and sent from one person to another.

WhatsApp technology has a lot of features that help secure your information. One can hide online WhatsApp statuses and block unwanted contacts. The app can encrypt messages so no third party can get the messages. Someone can use a PIN or pattern to prevent people from getting into your account for security purposes.

With the use of WhatsApp for modern communication, everything is made easy. More updates coming up each day, thus improving the experience. People can also upload WhatsApp statuses in the form of marketing adverts.

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