What is Massage Therapy and what are the advancements in it?

massage therapy

Massage therapy is known for healing in terms of relieving pain, tension, and stress. It applies to any part of the body where there is pain. Currently, there is an advancement in technology in the touch field. Thus, massage is more effective and faster than in the old days.

Modern technology has led to the advancement of therapy machines. The machines help to detect severe pain and healing. Radio waves heat nerve tissues, reducing pain in the patient.

The use of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation assists in minimizing pain for a short period in the patients. Here the therapists focus on the specific sore part of the body. Therefore, leading to better results for the patient.

Massage `Gun’ is a device that is handheld, and it uses vibrations to massage the tissues. Thus, helping to relieve pain in the muscle. A small pacemaker device is used on people with back pains where it stimulates the spinal cord. The zero-gravity chair is an adjustable chair that allows the therapist to have control of the massage process and target specific areas.

The advanced techniques involve the use of electronic devices. Laser therapy uses focused light to treat, remove and destroy abnormal tissues. Hence, improving and reducing inflammation and blood circulation in the body. Ultrasound therapy uses sound waves that get into the body tissues, decrease pain, and help heal the tissues.

Technology has also made it easy to research the nearest massage services. By use of social media, both the clients and the service provider can engage. The customers can also book appointments at their convenient time.

Currently, people have to take care of their health. Thus, encouraging people to take the course as a very dynamic and exciting career.

Due to technology, it’s clear that the massage industry has revolved rapidly. New techniques and insights are coming up. Therefore, therapists can offer better services for their patients and clients.

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