What are programming languages?

ruby programming languages

Computers use programming languages for them to perform various tasks. By this, they can communicate with people to perform the tasks they are commanded. The programming languages are found on mobile phones, smart TV, computers, and others. 

Currently, people with IT skills have to understand programming languages and coding skills. The skills are needed in manufacturing, production, engineering, business, and many more industries. Each day, developers create new programming languages and frameworks, whether at their beginning, intermediate or advanced levels.

Programmed language has two-level; First is the Low-level language being in the first generation. Human beings cannot understand them since they are machine-level languages. They are presented in a binary form. Secondly is the High-level language that allows developers to write the programs, which depends on the computer’s model. They are straightforward to read.

Below are the essential and best programming languages used in the world.

  • Python – It’s easy to learn and primarily used for web applications.
  • Java – It is very stable and most applicable for large organizations.
  • JavaScript – Easy to create and understand, used by developers to design interactive frontend apps.
  • Go – Simple and helps tackle big projects.
  • Swift – Mostly used for Mac and Apple phones and computers.
  • Kotlin
  • Ruby
  • R
  • Swift
  • C#
  • PHP

Computer programming technology has helped advance soft wares, applications, and the distribution of systems. 

Graduates decide on which language to take depending on their goals. The production of technology is evolving daily and has been very important in the global society. Developers can automate processes, collect and analyze data and information and thus making it easy to share.

People can easily communicate with computers which will impact the future as it will also help to grow. Computer power is harnessed by computer programs that make computers and machines work efficiently. 

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