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Top 3 examples of green technology in construction

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Using green technology in construction is considered environmentally friendly on a global scale. Its main aim is to ensure that there is reduced production of carbon print into the atmosphere. Therefore, the buildings will help in saving energy. Constructors, owners, and occupants recommend using green technology because reprocessed water and waste materials bring forth clean indoor air. 

New constructions use the green tech from the planning, construction, and operation period. Through modified construction technology and design, less amount is used. 

Different types of sustainable green construction technologies used are given below:

  1. Smart glass/Electrochromic glass

The glass technology assists in reducing the sun’s radiation this is electric signals to charge the windows and alter the number of solar emissions. Occupants will select the number of sun rays to obstruct. They have incorporated these technology constructors to reserve heating and air conditions costs.

  1. Solar Power

Generally, it has two parts passive solar energy and active solar energy – passive solar power uses the sun’s rays to heat the house windows. On the other hand, the active solar provides more heat. They use solar panels to absorb the solar and heat the air and water.

  1. Geothermal heating

The technology involved is where underground pipelines containing water gather thermal energy. The energy is used to cool the house.

In the last years, Green building technology has been beneficial to most engineers in the construction sector. It will be helpful to even the future generations. The amount of energy saved is used for other functions and, therefore, reduces fossil fuels. The high-performance building promotes biodiversity and the ecosystem. 

On the social aspect, it helps in improving the quality of life. Eventually, the constructor’s help improves the future wellness and comfort of the tenants. The main objective is to make the planet worthwhile and more habitable.

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