The ultimate skincare treatment for your skin type

girl watching skin on mirror - skincare routine and skincare treatment

Non-surgical skincare treatment have increased to prevent spots, wrinkles, scarring, and discolorations. Individuals have currently using digital products and gadgets to improve their skins. Most devices have incorporated Artificial Intelligence and Augmented reality to ensure the skincare industry runs smoothly. Some of the skincare treatment include:


Dermatologists numb the skin with anesthesia the use a rotating instrument called a dermabrader to pull out the outer layer of the skin. It is mainly used for face treatment on individuals with acne, sunburns, and uneven texture on the face. The skin cells appear smooth, and the person looks young.

Laser resurfacing

This process involves the use of layers of light onto the skin. The light destroys the surface of the skin; later, collagen protein is produced. Collagen helps to make the skin smooth and tight. It helps reduce wrinkles, acne, scars, and sunspots on the face.

Dermal fillers

They are gel-like fillers injected under the skin. They bring back the fine lines and reduce wrinkles. Dermatologists use needles to inject the fillers into the cheeks, face, and other parts of the body that the customer wishes. Aging people appear younger with smooth skins. Fillers can last for 2-3 years.

Opte skincare system

Opte appears to be a digital system that scans the skin, examines the skin complexion, and removes wrinkles, spots, and hyper pigments. Thus, leaving the person to have flawless-looking skin. The system uses technological properties like a micro serum jet printer, minicomputer precise color algorithm, and blue LED scan lights.

Technology has also led to the advancement of gadgets that remove and restore hair. Braun silk -the expert device has a sensor that adapts the skin tone and removes the hair on the targeted areas. iRestore laser stimulates hair to grow on the head by using red lights. Thus, enhancing the hair density and diameter.

Beauty and skincare are essential in our lives. Most people visit specialists to have their bodies structured accordingly. The use of digitalized devices has made the processes easy and faster.

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