The future of wearable tech and how it will change your life

girl using vr glasses - trending wearable tech

The wearable and portable devices are designed to be close to the skin. They are simple to analyze and monitor body movement, transmitting information to output. Wearable tech has many applications which result in the expansion of the field. Such devices have different forms, like medical devices, jewelry, accessories, and clothes.

smartwatch is one of the examples of wearable tech where it navigates, commercial uses, and lately, it’s reliable for security purposes. Fitbit is another device mainly used to monitor body fitness; it indicates the calories in a body and other body-related issues.

The device applies in all sectors, including sports, cyber security, and many others. It’s light in weight, therefore, making it portable. Durability time is high since the devices are made with sting materials that can withstand heat, water, and extreme light.

Some challenges are experienced when designing the devices since they are small in shape, limiting the display area. They also have non-volatile memory, unlike smartphones. Lastly, when the devices are overloaded on one body, they result in the malfunctioning of all the devices, which is a result of high UI activity.

In communication, some of these devices have earpieces for incoming audio in the ear and mouthpiece for outgoing audio from the mouth. It’s placed on the upper part of the body. There is a wireless transceiver.

Due to technology’s positive impact, it’s convenient to use portable communication devices. Unlike having a heavy phone plus the size is big, devices that are hidden under our clothes and are small in shape increase the security of the devices.

The application of these devices is easy since they have specific features. They are not complicated to use though they are expensive to purchase, and the maintenance cost is cheap.

The incorporation of Artificial intelligence that enhances the thinking capacity is also being developed to help perform some activities, for example, where people can use their brain-computer interface to post status.

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