DNA in trials

Deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA contains the genetic information in the human identity. Technology has a lot of impact on our lives. This has also been seen in the field of justice, where there is the application of DNA technology which has helped in solving criminal justice cases in the world.

They deal with criminal crimes by use of DNA profiling. It is used as evidence in case it’s found on the victim’s body or at the crime scene. After that, the person involved becomes the offender. The DNA cannot be interfered with; thus, it is sufficient proof of the felony. Investigators and police officers will focus on the case without involving other outsiders.

In some situations, the victims might leave some parts of their body parts like hair. It is used to provide evidence of the victim at the crime site. Here either their biological affirmation is used. Some of the biological pieces of evidence include semen, blood, skin cell, hair, and many others.

Forensic science is also using DNA technology for legal justice in various cases. It appears to be a by-product of genetic science. The technology provides faultless and accurate evidence. Therefore, being the most variable thing in civil and criminal justice courts.

It sometimes gets difficult when identical twins’ DNA is used since it’s hard to make any person liable for the crime. The National DNA Database is used to store all the analyzed DNA samples. The UK has the largest one in the whole world.

In some countries like China, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Interior have DNA-associated banks. The banks are used to retain the pictures of the DNA samples for ten years. The offender is jailed for more than five years for committing the crime. Countries like the United States and the United Kingdom also have different prevailing DNA laws.

The advancement of DNA technology has ensured that international human rights are observed.

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