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6 ways technology is changing fashion trends

clothes hanging in a boutique - top 6 technology impacts on fashion trends

Fashion tech is meant to improve fashion production and consumption. The producers, designers, and customers will hinge on the technology. Innovations have led to customer relations in the world of fashion trends. It has led to the development of new fashion companies and high productivity. The most efficient fashion technologies include:

  1. Virtual reality

Augmented reality allows the digital and physical world to relate. Digital shopping enables clients to try out the designed items virtually. Therefore, giving accuracy in terms of the measurements. The customers can eventually buy the product they feel is immensely satisfying. These virtual and augmented realities include EFI optitexVirtusize, and obsess.

  1. Artificial intelligence

Designers have used AI to improve customer relations, increase sales and trends, and familiarize themselves with fashion data, patterns, and aesthetics. Chatbots and touchscreens have been incorporated into the stores to suggest products that the customers need. They also consistently help follow up on the client’s journey to provide the best products. It has enhanced the competitive nature of the fashion industry.

  1. Novel fabric and product technology 

Designers have started using novel fabrics that bring about a lot of creativity. This has helped to prevent the use of non-biodegradable fibers.

  1. 3D Printing

It is the printing of designs by use of digital creatives. Designers can produce items that are on-demand and customize them. 3D helps to minimize the misuse of textile fabric, water, and air pollution. It helps in coming up with incredible designs that are very exciting.

  1. Design application and e-commerce

Fashions have been created on apps and smartphone tech. This helps to expand the market between the customers and designers. For example, Depop and vented are some applications where people purchase and sell garments.

  1. Blockchain 

Blockchain technology has helped in processing and tracking transactions or assets. Both designers and customers can easily exchange information by use of blockchain. Fashion designs build unique ID that improves the tracking process of fashion items.

There are more innovations in Fashion that make the industry thrive. Fashion trends technology will revolve, thus making brands to be more creative. More designers will rise since the future generations will be experts in Fashion.

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